New Panoramas & A Marketing Class

This is a photo montage/panorama of the steps I built this past winter in the Montford district of Asheville. The step treads are made of the full-color variant of Pennsylvania bluestone. The wall, columns and step risers are made of granitic gneiss, mostly from the Hooper’s Creek quarry in Fletcher. The steps and columns are mortared; the wall is completely dry.

Sandstone steps and wall buried in snow. Looks positively comfortable right now.

Last Friday I led an hour long workshop for craftspeople and artisans on how to market their work. It was part of Handmade in America’s Art, Craft and Design Expo at the North Carolina Arboretum. The main push of my talk was that marketing is education and that craft artists should focus their marketing efforts on the 3 P’s: product, process and person. I also talked a bit about setting goals, making a cohesive plan and punk rock.

2 thoughts on “New Panoramas & A Marketing Class

  1. This is the best laid out, most absorbing and attractive website I have seen in connection with stonemasonry, quite apart from the impressive nature of the work itself. Congratulations on your various achievements Marc.

  2. Marc, awesome project! Beautiful work…I can’t imagine working with granite…working with limestone is hard enough. I’m working on building an organic farm with my partner right, really dig your whole marketing process. Thanks for putting it all out there.

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