Radial Steps: Three Up & Architect’s Rendering

Progress continues on the radial stone steps. Mid-week, before the rain really got going, I cut and installed the third tread. Even though the volume diminishes with each step, there’s still a huge amount of fill going into each riser. The columns are 2′ by 2′ and are starting to look like something.

This project was designed by Steven Lee Johnson of Sitework Studios. Steven Lee and Sitework Studios have been great to work with, as they have a clear vision of what the space should be, but give me room to roam with structural and aesthetic choices. They were kind enough to let me use this drawing as well.

This is an early sketch. Some things have changed since it was completed. The wall and columns are structural stone, not a veneer. There will be another step above the landing, and the treads are cut stone, rather than a random pattern. The area below the steps will be paved in brick.

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