Truth window

Yesterday I got the fireplace up to mantle height. Once I have some design discussions with the woodworker about the installation of the mantle, I’ll finish out the area above and focus exclusively on the chimney. As it is right now, I have a long walk to retrieve forgotten tools.
Limited lighting in the cabin, hence the lower quality of the image.

This a view of the wedge and shims that got stuck in the end of the lintel. I’m calling this the truth window, after the openings they leave in a straw bale wall to show what’s behind the stucco rendering.

This little stone sets into place nicely, but is easily removed to see what’s behind the truth window.

The biggest spider I’ve ever seen not in a pet store. He was about two inches across, which doesn’t sound that large, but he certainly caught my attention. This is a wolf spider, a roaming hunting spider. A good reminder why I should wear gloves in the stone pile. All indications suggest this will be another banner year for black widows.

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