Project Portfolio: Circular stone staircase, patio, walls, pathway

This semi-circular staircase is made of eight stone slabs, each weighing in excess of 400 pounds. A tightly fitted drystone wall supports the steps, which were all installed by hand. The staircase connects the two levels of a steep West Asheville yard and are the defining feature of a new outdoor living space. The outer radius of the steps ‘splits’ in two at the third step. The lower section becomes a small retaining wall that runs across the yard, creating planting beds as well as slowing erosion. The upper section continues under the steps ensuring the big slabs stay where they are and the staircase is not vulnerable to erosion. The steps lead down to a flagstone patio. Tight joinery and a mindful balance of color, shape and texture give the patio its stunning visual appeal.

Download a postcard of this circular stone staircase.